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Content Management Systems CMS - Keeping your Content Fresh

Does your company use a design or web agency to create and maintain your web sites? Do you send your corrections, updates and changes via e-mail or fax to the web designer who will in turn create or edit each page?

Are you lucky enough to have a web-savvy employee who handles the corrections on your website. It's not their primary job responsibility and updating the web site is a task that takes them away from their core job requirements?

Both these approaches add extra expense, hidden and real, to your ongoing web site investment.

Implementing the right Content Management solution can assist your organisation to gain control, reduce costs and potentially increase revenues.

Let Art of Data developed a simple and cost-effective online content management application for your company web site. We will work with you to determine the content management approach that best suits your business needs and your budgetary constraints.

Ideally, the person responsible for the content should not be concerned about the underlying technology. Art of Datas CMS uses a WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) user interface that is both simple and intuitive to use so the user need not worry about any technical complexities.

Content Management - Key Features

No technical skills needed - There's no need for you or your colleagues to learn any new software. You simply make the changes to your website online as and when you need to and then view the changes instantly.

Update your web site from any where - Update your website instantly from anywhere in the world on any PC! Make corrections and changes quickly and easily, add text quickly and easily, insert pictures, even add Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to your website as and when you wish. (access to the application via password and user name).

Instant corrections - Making corrections, adding copy or files is fast and easy with our completely browser based, online HTML WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) Editing, if you or your users can use Microsoft Word, then you can use Online CMS!

No FTP - Powerful and easy to use file manager gives you more control over your website. Upload files directly from your hard drive, copy, rename and delete files. No need for FTP!

Access levels - Allow multiple users to work on your web site give them different access levels and permissions.

Link Management - Create links to internal pages and external websites quickly and easily, user interface allows simple point and click to create hyperlinks.

Training - Is fast and easy

Code Mode – If you have the skills switch to code mode, allows you to directly edit your html code from your browser! Complete HTML and XHTML output.

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artofdata website designer
2 Sheraton Street London W1F 8BH Tel 0845 003 1010 Support Tel Reading (0118) 942 0101
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