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The functionality of e-marketing is constantly developing and the E-Newsletter can extend your control into new areas.

Up to date information is critical in today's internet environment where news needs to be instantly communicated. This simple newsletter can allow you to control the distribution of new information to your target audience.

An E–Newsletter allows you to time news releases to the second for extra impact. It can also be used to update important information instantly for your customers, sales team or any designated mailing list.

It is important to note that the E-Newsletter is designed as a stand alone product and can be used independently of your website. Art of Data do not need to be your site hosts or managers to take advantage of this service.

Accurate - Enables news releases for press and/or customers to be timed for maximum impact.

Fast - News releases automatically uploaded to the website and emailed to a contact list.

Targeted - Gives instant exposure of breaking news or new information to a target audience.

Simple to use - Requires no more skills than simple word processing and emailing.

Cost effective - Saves cost and time yet delivers instant results

Free Consultation

We will gladly meet you to discuss your needs on how best to develop your online requirements and how the E-Newsletter can benefit your company, product or organisation.

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